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Frontline Club

"Since 1965 Mort Rosenblum has covered war and peace on seven continents: civil strife, velvet revolution, climate chaos, and everything in between. As Associated Press special correspondent, he’s been shot at, locked up, lied to and shaken down. He ran AP bureaus in the Congo, West Africa, Southeast Asia, Argentina, and France. As editor of the International Herald Tribune in Paris, Rosenblum dispatched correspondents and decided what made news. Now, in vivid detail, he explains what he learned the hard way in this gem of a guide to global reporting.

“This is the manual I wish I’d had back in the 1960s when I was dropped into the Congolese mayhem, clueless, sleepless, and scared witless,” Rosenblum writes. “It’s also the primer I wish people backhome could have had at hand to understand what they were reading and watching.”

Rosenblum will be joining us to look back on the last forty years that form the lessons and stories of Little Bunch of Madmen.  He will be joined on stage by celebrated foreign correspondent Jon Swain, the discussion will be chaired by author and broadcaster Tom Fenton. If you are a young aspiring journalist this is an event and a book not to be missed.

This event is part of our monthly On the Media series, produced in association with the BBC College of Journalism."

Rattansi & Ridley

"An international current affairs show hosted by Afshin Rattansi and Yvonne Ridley that broadcast from Central London aboard the world’s only floating TV studio.

In episode 59, the hosts interview Mort Rosenblum about “Little Bunch of Madmen” and international journalism. Interview begins at 1:35 mark"

Watch it here.


The Monocle Weekly Edition 81

"This week the Monocle Weekly casts an eye over the future of international newsgathering. Veteran foreign correspondent Mort Rosenblum joins us in the studio to talk about Little Bunch of Madmen, his new book that shares his 40 years of experience of global reporting, and filmmaker Antony Thomas is on the line to discuss For Neda, his film about Iran's post-election protests which earned him the Foreign Press Association's Journalist of the Year award last week. John Owen, professor of international journalism at City University pays us a visit, explaining the forces shaping the future of journalism and two of his students tell us why they're optimistic about their chosen career."

Listen to it Here

Mort Rosenblum Keynote Address: Journalistic Representations of Islam

Rosenblum gives the keynote address at the Journalistic Representations of Islam: Visual and Print symposium hosted by the University of Arizona's Center for Middle Eastern Studies at the Marriott University Park Hotel.

Dispatches from the Real World - March 13, 2010 • Tucson, Arizona (Five parts)

Mort Rosenblum and Gary Knight talk about foreign reporting at the Tucson Festival of Books. The panel is moderated by Nancy Sharkey, a retired The New York Times senior editor.

Part 1: Introduction and how to get into Foreign Reporting

Part 2: Gary's advice to older journalists; journalism business model

Part 3: How do you bridge cultural divides; should the west have a lock on journalism?

Part 4: Benefits of foreign v local correspondents and personal experiences.

Part 5: Conclusion - Moving forward creatively; connecting with sources.